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domovoi around the world

Watch our little videos about Domovoi's Adventures in the most uncommon places around the world. It's a way of seeing traveling as exploration and not massive tourism, it's all about looking at "what's around the corner". It's all about good old curiosity in a simple way. We promote to get in touch with the local, to listen, to dance, to smile and trying to understand the other. 
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This is when the DOMOVOI AROUND THE WORLD project has started. It was at the beginning of December 2017. DOMOVOI character and the DOMOVOI show wasn't really there yet. This is the first time I took this character out to the street, the nose wasn't even finished yet and I was followed by my wonderful friend and colleague - Olivia Ronzani who actually filmed this little first video of DOMOVOI. It's a little hitch-hike moment between the villages Cavigliano and Verscio in Centovalli, Ticino, Switzerland to get to Teatro DIMITRI where DOMOVOI show's premiere took place on 19th January, 2018. Obviously, there happened many adventures on this long road between these two mega-polises. And the little Russian brownie arrived at the Teatro a few months after having parted from Casa Sole-dar-ia! 

filmed by Olivia Ronzani

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OPORTO, POrtugal

This is the second adventure of the little Domovoi around the World. Just by chance, the Domovoi walked into a wall and walked through it. On the other side, of a ancient wall in Oporto a huge bridge waited for him. Just right next to a mainstream of people, he managed to remain unnoticed... almost. As soon everybody looked at him from the main road, he was gone. #oporto #ponte #bridge #domovoiporelmundo #domovoiaroundtheworld #portugal #порто #домовойвокругсвета #клоун #португалия #мост