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Igor Mamlenkov (Founder & clown)

Born in Russia in 1988 where he practiced breakdance and drama theatre. Studied in highschool in Denmark and then moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he began studying clown and physical acting with such masters as Jango Edwards and Johnny Melville. Made a few experimental films as a director and actor. His short film went to Moscow international film festival and got Special Jury Prize at Cerano Film Festival, IT. Since 2012, He played in a comedy duo show “Soñeneros” in theatre festivals in Spain and Portugal. In 2015, he created a solo show “THE SPOILER”. He entered the Master program at Accademia Teatro Dimitri in 2016 and finished it in 2019. Meanwhile, he participated in Physical Theatre Summer Project “LOD’” at Continuo Theatre, CZ. He played as an additional Green clown in Slava’s Snow Show in Theatre Beaulieu, Lausanne, CH. Altogether with his master group, he co-created and played in a physical theatre performance “INSOMNIA”, directed by Pavel Stourac, and toured it in Europe. He played the DEVIL in the show “PONTE DI DIAVOLO” directed by Fabrizio Arigoni, at National Marche Concours, Saignelegier, CH. Collaborated on various projects with Compagnie Digestif, Wallis, CH. Altogether with Olivia Ronzani, he co-created and performed the clown duo Les Pedestrians, Basel, CH. He is the member of Markus Zohner Theatre Compagnie (Lugano, CH) in the show Radio Frankenstein. He created his clown theatre piece “DOMOVOI” during his MA program and tours it since 2018. He did a small appearance in the new HBO TV series “Foodie Love” directed by Isabel Coixet. He participated as a performer on the performances “Schmetterlingseffekt” and “HIOB” directed by the legendary Anton Adasinskiy, theatre DEREVO, Germany.

ABOUT the company

"Everything there is, was first imagined"

DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY was founded by Igor Mamlenkov in 2018 during his Master studies in Physical Theatre at Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Switzerland

We are an independent theatre company that are fascinated about 
fantasy, visual arts, physical and movement based theatre, object theatre, but our main interest is CLOWN in all its existential, philosophic, comic, surrealist and absurd dimensions.  The aesthetics could be determined as visual and atmospheric. It is a so-called synthetic theatre that merges different languages and styles into one dreamy narrative. We believe in the arts that unite and bring people together in a wonderful vortex of play and laughter. Therefore, we are very interested in traveling to distant places, playing for all types of audiences, especially in the places of trying and difficult conditions. We promote theatre as an encounter, as a common collective experience.

DOMOVOI show is his first creation as DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY 

Gerardo Tetilla and Robert Diaz Diaz assisted in directing of the piece. Elia Moretti composed the original soundtrack. The show is based on the fairytale Domovoi written by Irina Bogashova-Kotova.

The premiere was on 19th, 20th of January, 2018 at Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, CH; 
festival SCOLLINANDO, Cureglia, CH;
1st edition of Non-Verbal Theatre Festival in Krasnodar, RUS; 
Teatr Kotorogo, St. Petersburg, RUS; 
festival della RESILIENZA, Sardinia, IT; 
festival MIMOS, Perigeuex, FR;
festival Baltic Puppetwhirl, Vyborg, RUS


Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Master in Physical Theatre
Accademia Teatro Dimitri is a theatre school in the south of Switzerland. In the Master program of Physical Theatre the actor, as a writer, creator, and interpreter, is at the center of artistic creation. The training is structured modularly and is composed of workshops, courses and seminars, allowing each student to develop their own expressive capacity in terms of composition and theatrical creation, to cultivate their own aptitude for theatrical reflection and self-criticism.

We are Dreamers, We are Wizards, We are Jugglers of Emotions, We are Fools of Life

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