It's a tragicomic theatre production that stands on the border of physical theatre and circus arts. The goal is to create an immersive FANTASY world on stage for the family audiences.

The creation «BARDAK» (in Russian & Hebrew - «CHAOS, MESS») is a fairytale-like and absurd story about solitude caused by a catastrophe. We’ll work between storytelling experience of our director Ferruccio Cainero, the tragicomic character «Domovoi» by Igor Mamlenkov and the technique of soundscape by Manfredi Clemente. The technical aspect will help to surround the spectators with the atmosphere of the story that we are writing together with Ferruccio Cainero (Stabio, TI), director of the fabulous Swiss clown Gardi Hutter. The absurd story will talk about an immortal house-spirit that is left alone in the house. An existencial tragicomedy.

The aim is to heal and heal ourselves through irony, to make the audience dive into a fantasy world of fairy tales, of possibilities, a surrealist and upside down world, a true tragicomedy that helps us to get distance from reality and have some hope.

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Thank you for your kind contribution to DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY and Associazione Culturale BLU SELYODKA. With your support, you contibute to the production-in-progress BARDAK that is to be created in August - September 2022.
You can also contibute to support our workshops and shows for Ukrainian refugees on the
Swiss territory to cover our expenses, shows in Solidarity for Ukraine and Peace in the World, local workshops for kids and adults, our tours with present and upcoming productions.
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Grazie per il vostro gentile contributo alla COMPAGNIA TEATRALE DOMOVOI e all'Associazione Culturale BLU SELYODKA. Con il vostro sostegno, contribuite alla produzione in corso BARDAK che sarà realizzata in agosto - settembre 2022. Puoi anche contribuire a sostenere i nostri laboratori e spettacoli per i rifugiati ucraini sul territorio svizzero per coprire le nostre spese, gli spettacoli di Solidarietà per l'Ucraina e Pace nel mondo, i laboratori locali per bambini e adulti, le nostre tournée con le produzioni attuali e future.
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Merci pour votre aimable contribution à la COMPAGNIE THÉÂTRE DOMOVOÏ et à l'Associazione Culturale BLU SELYODKA. Avec votre soutien, vous contribuez à la production en cours BARDAK qui sera créée en août - septembre 2022. Vous pouvez aussi contibuer à soutenir nos ateliers et spectacles pour les réfugiés ukrainiens sur le territoire suisse pour couvrir nos dépenses, les spectacles de Solidarité pour l'Ukraine et de Paix
dans le monde, les ateliers locaux pour enfants et adultes, nos tournées avec les productions
présentes et à venir.
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Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre freundliche Spende an die DOMOVOI THEATRE COMPANY und die Associazione Culturale BLU SELYODKA. Mit Ihrer Unterstützung tragen Sie zur laufenden Produktion BARDAK bei, die im August-September 2022 aufgeführt werden soll.
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